“I have a secret. A very secret secret. I can become two. As in, split in half. Well, not in half—that’d be gross. But I can be in two places at once.” ~ Daniel On the outside, Daniel Everhart looks normal. Well, except for his freaked-out eyes. On the inside, he’s a genetic mutant side show with stupid abilities he can’t even talk about. To anyone. Not even his best friend. Why can’t he just be normal? But when he learns Earth has a sister planet named Caterra. . . when he learns the bridge that links them has been severed by the evil Moloch, who wants control over both. . . when he learns only he can reconnect the two , . . he has no choice but to follow his destiny. If he doesn’t, he’ll die. If he doesn’t, everyone he loves will die. If he doesn’t, Moloch wins. But are his abilities enough—is he enough—to stand against the powers of evil? Can a skinny, freak-eyed kid from Bowman Ridge, Texas, really reunite two worlds? Maybe not alone. But with a little help from some kick-sass friends, anything is possible.



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Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Book 1 Guarinot