For six thousand millennia, Caterrians have continually prepared for Siralam, the Aligners arrival. Through the portal entry, Caterra’s council has monitored Earth’s progress so they could speak our language, and fit in with the customs.
One guy took it to the extreme. Follow Daniel’s words as he introduces this colorful character.

—About mid-way through the first dance song, this tall blonde kid struts over and parks his behind right in front of Cypress and Brynlin. He leans toward me and holds up his hand.
“Hey Siralam, high five! Skyjo Harper’s the name, and danger’s my game. I’ll be on your team for the first alignment. For all of them, probably.”
This guy reminds me of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, except in cowboy boots and hat. He’s on my team? Really? Why in the world would the Council choose this Bozo?—

—“Whoo-ee! Skin the hair off a jackrabbit. That was awesome!” Skyjo hollers in a thick, wanna-be-Texan drawl.
“Lose the accent, will ya? You’re talking to a real Texan here, and we don’t sound like that,”
“Get used to it,” Cypress says. “Skyjo has a thing for old John Wayne movies. For a solid year, he tried to get us to call him The Duke, but we refused.”
I look at Skyjo with new understanding. “The Duke would never talk like that. If you want tutorials, speak to me later. But for now, try to scale back the Gomer Pyle, will ya?”—Final Cowboy close

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