The Spy

“Guys,” Harrison’s voice blares through the speaker. “I’ve picked up an intruder signal. Initiating lock down.” Panels slide from grooves across the windows and doors, and the lights dim to a soft yellow glow.

Elaina runs to the wall of monitors. “Who is it, Dad?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll put it on the screen.” Harrison does something to his Slate tablet, and an outlined image of the main house, the self-defense building, and boundary fences come into view. At first there’s nothing. Then a dot appears, holds for a few seconds, and disappears. Then it appears on the opposite side of the property, pauses, and vanishes.

The Spy (1)


I split beyond a row of shrubs that line the outside border. The Slate tablet now shows my dot and another one only a few feet to my left.

My skin begins to itch. Whether it’s from threat of danger or the suspense of not knowing who this is, I’m not sure.

I search the shadows and try not to breathe.

Crack. A twig snaps.

A dark figure inches away, then disappears into nothing.


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