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Harrison puts a hand on my shoulder. “Stay here. I’ve got something to show you.” He watches Joost and Bram through the window until they’re out of sight, then leads me back to the pool house, through the small kitchen, and to the storage room where he reaches to the back shelf and pulls a hidden lever. The wall behind the shelves swing in to reveal a passageway.

“Sweet.” I look into the dark shaft.

Harrison steps over a box and flips on a light switch. “Watch your step.” A metal circular staircase echoes with our footsteps as we wind down to a hidden basement, similar to Harrison’s second-story monitor room.

He punches the letters AURORA into one of the keypads, and the wall behind it rotates to reveal another passageway; this one looks and smells ancient. The walls are built of stacked rock, with solid stone slabs for the ceiling and packed dirt for the floor.

Harrison flips on a light switch and motions for me to follow him. “

He leads me to another door at the end of the passageway and pulls on a lever hanging from the ceiling.

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