Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra  Book 1: Guarinot

Daniel speaking:


A light flickers from my closet, and a tinny sound like jingle bells and fairies trickles from behind the closed door.

An itch crawls over my skin.

The doorknob starts to turn.

Then stops.

Seconds crawl into minutes. Minutes feel like hours. And. I. Can’t. Move.

The door handle spins like an NFL linebacker took his last turn on Wheel of Fortune—faster and faster until a high-pitched squeal belts my eardrums into submission.

Then it  stops, and my room turns dark like a cave.

“I’m going in,” I whisper to no one.

My phone vibrates.

And a text appears. I wouldn’t, if I were you.

I picture the others sitting in Harrison and Elaina’s living room, clueless that half of me is here. “What if I get them and bring them back?” I’m talking out loud again. I think the sound of my voice makes me feel less insane and less like this is a dream. “Together, we can—”

My phone vibrates again. Your friends can’t help. You’ll only get them . . .

I freeze. Sweat trickles off my temple.

The screen flares bright. Hurt.

That’s when a red light pierces through the center of the door into the room. The walls begin to shake. My bed starts to vibrate, and a high-pitched laugh fills my mind. The door bursts open, and I’m thrown across my bed and against the far wall by the winds of Armageddon.

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Blast through Door

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