Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra

Daniel speaking:

I can just make out the halos hovering over four of the five fingers.

The one without a halo has a bunch of trees winding upward and around the summit. I want to know why that one doesn’t have a halo.

I reattach myself in bed and appear on the summit. This one is different. There’s a flat area, kinda like a meadow. A clump of trees, which hang off the edge, and in the middle there’s this one massive boulder shaped like a plump cow patty, with a couple of pint size babies next to it.

“Alo Siralam.”

I turn around so sharply, I nearly trip.

Perched cross-legged on the cow paddy stone, which hangs off the side of the mountain into nothing, is a skinny, wrinkled, bald-headed man in a white, nearly-transparent shirt and brown bottoms that look like sweats. He’s got to be chilled to the bone, cause it’s cold. “Do not be afraid. You have nothing to fear. Please, come and sit.” The man motions toward one of the smaller flat stones. “We have much to discuss.”

I don’t know whether to split out of here, or stay and see what this guy is about. I should be creeped out, but I’m not.

I slip onto the flat stone. “Who are you? How did you get way up here?”

“One question at a time please. I am called Alyx Gudron. On my planet, I am one of seven. We govern the people of our home world.”

“Your . . . planet? You’re . . . from Caterra?”


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