Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Book 1 GuarinotDolmen of the Caucasus (1)


Dawn whispers near the Zhane River, and the Caucasus Mountains answer. Team Earth is short on darkness and long on dolmens to activate.

“Daniel?” Harrison’s voice crackles in my earpiece. “Before we move forward, I’d like you to try and spring one of the traps first. Let’s see what happens. We won’t be able to finish, so we’ll come back and complete the job tonight.”

“Okay.” I turn to the team. “Spread out and find something heavy I can drop through the dolmen’s floor.”

“I think this’ll work.” Bram emerges from the dense undergrowth with a big rock on his shoulder.

I extend both arms under the rock.

Elaina, Joost, and Bram form a triangle around the dolmen and place sensors by their feet.

With the rock in my arms, I stoop and focus on the inside of the dolmens’ main room. The musty smell of old air crinkles my nose. “Hey Joost! It smells like your feet in here.”

“I wouldn’t wish that smell on my worst enemy,” Joost responds.

“I would. It’ll knock ‘em dead.”

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