Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra

Skyjo whoops. “Here comes another bone buffet.”

More than a dozen disfigured skeletons emerge, military style, armed with laser rifles and attached bayonet swords. They disperse left and right to surround us.

I glance at my baseball bat. Geez, I need a better weapon. Two shots ricochet off a boulder above my head, and I duck.

Cypress fells one skeleton with a blast to the chest.

A group of zombie-bones scrambles over boulders and forces the attack.

Skyjo and Brynlin drop to the floor and fire multiple shots. Brynlin rises with her sword and blocks the lethal plunge of a bayonet. The skeleton dude is good, and blades slash and clang as they try to destroy each other.

Three skeletons leap off the cliff above and surround Skyjo, but his lasers blaze with fire.

I run to help, when another skeleton grabs my shoulder. I break free, step sideways to miss his bayonet, swing my bat against the boney rib cage, and pulverize the old bag into splinters.


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