Arch Tantalus

Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra

“Daniel, Arch Tantalus is missing from his cell.” Alyx’s voice barely fades when some kind of stick presses hard on my back.arch (2)

Crap. It’s a walking cane. I’m smushed against the floor and can’t move. “Uh, I know where he is.”

“You little freak-eyed maggot. I haven’t spent years working toward the new alignment just to have some pint-sized peon stand in my way.” Arch Tantalus pushes his cane down and twists it deeper into my spine.

Electricity jolts through me.

“Didn’t like that, did you boy?”

Through the pain, I somehow keep it together. I can’t let Tantalus get the best of me. “In your way? How is this about you? Aren’t you Moloch’s servant? Isn’t it his glory you’re working for?”

Another gut-searing shock, and my toes and fingers stick straight out. “Ow, ow, oooooooooow!” I try not to whimper, but that’s like telling a blowfish not to inflate.

“Shut your trap. Next time, I might not stop.” Tantalus removes his cane from my back. “Now, stand up. The Master awaits.” His words send icicles through my pulse.


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