Regorness Yeilder

“Onella,” Alyx pushes the front of the recliner down with his legs. “You still have not recovered? You need a regorness yielder. It will give you your strength back in no time. Daniel, would you escort Brynlin back to Caterra? She will acquire one for us.”

“What’s a regorness yielder?” Joost asks.

“It’s like a cross between an Earth coconut and a banana on steroids, only way sweeter,” Cypress answers. “It sure helped me.”

Moments later, Elaina curls her fingers around the coconut-shaped fruit.

Brynlin plops next to her and shows her how to peel the layers back. “Trust me. You’re gonna love it.”

Elaina takes a bite, then lifts her eyebrows in delight.

Watching her eat makes me hungry, but I’m not about to say anything. She might offer to share, and she needs it for herself.Eating Fruit1 (2)

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