Will The Real Lenny Step Forward?

Excerpt from ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra’ book one: Guarinot

“Hey freak-eyes!” I’m halfway up the sidewalk, dazed by this wacked-out thought, when a familiar voice sounds behind me.

I turn, and Fane’s eyeballs bulge like they’re about to explode. His undersized brother trails behind, with Smudge bringing up the rear. “Just so you know”—spit slings as the oversized brute hisses at me—“all restrictions are off.” I stand my ground and stare right back.

Fane gets right up in my face. “You’re gonna die, punk.”

“If you keep it up, we’ll be attending your funeral,” I say. “Why don’t you leave the dark side while there’s still time?” I don’t know when I got gutsy. Or stupid. Mostly stupid.

“Look, you little gnat. I could squash you right now if —”

“If what? Everybody wasn’t watching?” I wait for Fane’s reply.

Without another word, he shoves his way past me and heads off to detention.

“Hey Fane,” I call. “How was Russia? Or don’t you remember?” I know. I know! Stupider than a drunk monkey.

Fane does a one-eighty and heads back.

That’s when the unthinkable happens. Lenny—skinny little runt—steps in front of me and grabs Fane. “No!” Lenny shoves him up against the foyer wall. “That’s enough. Let’s do our time and get out of it.”

I stare like an ape. A crowd gathers, and we all just stand there, watching this monumental, historical event. Lenny just stopped Fane. Who would’ve thought?


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