Excerpt from ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot’


Later that evening, we all gather in the Rhea’s living room.

“Tonight’s meeting may run long. We have a million details to work out,” Harrison says. “To begin, I’ve asked Lenny to share about his recent activities.”

Lenny walks to the center of the room, all nervous, like he’s about to give a book report on a book he forgot to read. “Well . . .” His ears turn red.

I feel sorry for him, because Niobe’s watching, and I know he wants to impress her. Then I remember Niobe can’t see him.

Lenny clears his throat. “As you know, my father was hurt pretty bad a few weeks ago. Progress is slow, but it looks like he’s gonna be okay.”

I’m not sure I care whether Arch Tantalus is better or not. Which makes me feel like a jerk.

Lenny keeps going. “I’ve spent hours hanging out with him while he talked about all kinds of stuff. Life, choices, money, power, . . . even death.” A tear slips down his cheek. “All in the name of Moloch. But I think my father’s changed. He failed to complete Moloch’s orders, and now he’s afraid for his life.” Lenny pauses and wipes his sleeve across his eyes. He tries to say something else, but it’s like he can’t get the words out.


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