All In The Presentation

Excerpt from ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot’


Joost and Elaina are paired to demonstrate the differences between Karate and Judo throwing. Joost tries to be a gentleman and goes easy on Elaina. But Elaina has no intention of playing nice. She throws Joost to the ground not once, not twice, but three times. I’m pretty sure she’s paying Joost back for getting everyone into this mess.

Next, Bram invites me to join him in stick fighting. My favorite. And when I say favorite, I mean I’d rather eat maggots. Of course, he insists on a thorough presentation of grappling in hand-to-hand combat. After a series of takedowns and joint locks where he’s the bat and I’m the ball, Bram finishes the humiliation by throwing me over his shoulder. Even with the mats, the impact knocks my breath from here to Caterra. Every part of me feels like slush.

For the finale, Bram has everyone demonstrate different karate moves while he swings the punching bag back and forth to represent an opponent. At last we all take our bows, and I collapse on the mats.

Bram and the Punching Bag

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