There’s something about the mountains that call to me. Here, I can unravel my thoughts and let the setting sun melt away the layers of my mind. If I don’t lose my mind first.

Sometimes I wish I could be someone other than myself. Maybe someone more like Bram. Strong, courageous, brave . . . But inside he’s like a big teddy bear. Everybody likes Bram. Most people I know want to be Bram.

Sometimes I want to be more like Joost. Confident, observant, trustworthy, energetic, and dedicated to a fault. Without all the blabber-talk though. That guy can make a jackrabbit cut off his own ears.

Skyjo’s personality is cool too—spontaneous, fearless daredevil, a one-man kamikaze show. On second thought, that might get me killed.

Daniel and his friends1

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