“Daniel! Hey, Daniel . . . wait up!” I hear Joost’s voice, but I ignore it until his sneakers screech to a halt in front of me, blocking my path.

Joost Collin Malay has been my best friend since I don’t even remember. He’s great. But he’s also an over-the-top, no-personal-space kind of extravert, and right now I just need some alone time.

“Where have you been, dude? Bram said you left school early. Your mom never lets you miss school. I thought, man, somethin’s not right here. I left you, like, a gazillion messages. Did Fane get a hold of you? Have you seen him? He’s steaming. He just stood there, watching you and Elaina on the dance floor popping his fist in his hand. I swear he’s gonna kill you.”

I plow through the outside doors, and leave the Elaina charade in my rear-view mirror.

“Where are you going?”

I feel tired just listening to Joost talk, but that’s nothing new. “Just shut up and follow me.”Joost (1)

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