The Dumpster

Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot


I push Joost down and concentrate harder than ever on the dumpster behind the school’s kitchen entrance. Instantly we’re—

“Eeeeaawwww . . . what have you done?” Joost asks between gagging sounds. “Aaaarg . . . gross! What’s on my . . .?” He slips backward into a steaming pile of wetness.

“That would be today’s leftovers.” I stand and bang my head on the closed lid. “Ouch!”

Joost tries to stand and flops in a pile of expired milk cartons. “Where are we?”

“The dumpster by the kitchen.”

“The kitchen? Geez! How’d we get here?” Joost scrambles to his feet and pushes the trash bin door open, trying to get out.

“Joost you’re freakin’ on me!” I grab his foot. “You can’t leave. I need you.” My other half’s still at the stadium. Laser-stunned.

The Trash Dumpster copy

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