“Let us take a quick trip to Guarinot.” He leads us inside a circular rock chamber.

“Stonehenge’s twin,” Harrison says, looking around. “Or nearly identical. The workmanship is the same. But this one seems larger.”

“Really?” Alyx asks. “They were built to be identical.”

“Stonehenge has many fallen rocks. Perhaps the structure was altered when the connection was severed?” Harrison runs his hand along the stone’s smooth surface.

Alyx looks around, as if seeing the place with new eyes. “At first, our forefathers hoped only Caterra’s end was damaged. After the rebuilding, they realized Earth’s stone matrix had to be damaged, as well.”

“It was,” Harrison replies. “Quite severely. It will take a sizable crane to lift the rock plates and return them to their original order.” He leaves the interior wall and joins the rest of us in the center. “But there’s a bigger problem. Stonehenge is a World Heritage site. Visitors travel from around our planet to look at the ruins. It’s under constant government protection. To rebuild the structure would require worldwide—or Earthwide— acceptance.” Harrison turns to face Alyx. “They will need concrete proof of Caterra’s existence, and its connection.”

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