Walking on the Beach

Excerpt from Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot


Elaina grabs my hand and squeezes.

Every part of me feels electrocuted, in the best possible way.

And she doesn’t let go. Just keeps swinging our hands between us while we walk on the edge of sand and sea, and I feel like we could just swing right up to the moon. And I don’t mean split there either. We don’t say anything for a while. The seagulls and crashing waves fill the empty space with music no words can duplicate. Off the beach, we stop beneath a crop of palm trees.

Elaina sinks to the base of one, kicks off her flip-flops, and sinks her toes into the sand. “Aaaaah. Cool and squishy. You should try it.”

Something about the way she does that, and says that, makes bottle rockets go off inside me. I pull off my flip-flops and toss them aside. The sand does have a chillaxin’ effect, and I wiggle my feet into deep tunnels.


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