The weight of grade-determining tests hangs like the arrival of a north Texas ice storm. Or a giant shoe, threatening to squash us like cockroaches. Students walk around in a silent stupor. Except all the doom and gloom is lightened just a little, and a few pockets of peace hover in the air, because after the thing the other night Fane and Lenny haven’t returned to school. Word in the hall is that they’ve gone back to the private academy they got kicked out of earlier this semester after their dad offered to bank for a new football stadium or something.

It’s kinda fun to hear the rumors, since I know the truth. Lenny is being mentored by Alyx to join our team. And Fane is in a Caterrian youth prison. Sci-fi juvie. That would make a great setting for a book . . . only who would believe it? Maybe I’ll write it. Now there’s a thought.

Fane and the Bootcopy

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