Hammer Head

Excerpt from ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot’

Daniel speaking—

Filtered shadows pass overhead as another school of big eye trevally swim in waves, like ribbons in the breeze. The school scatters and a hammerhead cuts through the middle—right above my head. It spins and heads toward us.

My body jerks. I reach for my laser just as the shark’s tail brushes against Joost’s shoulder.

Joost falls sideways and bumps into me, and I lose my grip on the pistol. I swim after it, but the current sweeps it over the pyramid’s edge out of sight.

A shadow passes overhead again. I look up in time to see the shark make a circle and dive right at me.

I pull my arms up to block the shark’s mouth.

shark (2)

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