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Harrison hands Elaina and me each a baseball cap with the Bowman Ridge logo on the front. “These are equipped with a sixteen-megapixel video camera, microphone, headlight, earpiece, and tracking beam. Hopefully, I’ve worked out the details with Alyx. When you split I’ll be able to see both videos from Earth and Caterra simultaneously.

“This sensor”—Harrison points to a small white circle on my cap— “will read your brain waves as you process the signal between your two halves. That way, I can see what you see almost immediately. Any deciphering that needs to be done, for example, I can help from here.”

“Wait . . . you’ll, like, be able to read my mind?”

“Not exactly. I’ll be able to see what you see through the camera, and your brain waves will indicate points of stress. In other words, things you’re having trouble understanding.”

I’m not sure I’m good with that. I mean, this is Elaina’s dad. Having him inside my head, figuring out what I’m thinking about his daughter is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Bowman Ridge Cap

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