Changing of the Guard

Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra: Guarinot


campfireHigh-level Sirius clouds cling to the full moon like a spider web across your face when the last guard turns his back to the fire. The others enjoy hot coffee poured from a steaming pot and their smoke of choice.

They’ve been on watch almost an hour now, enduring a stiff cold breeze high atop the abandoned ruins.

Sounds miserable.

From nothing, all nine of us appear. Before a single guard can raise his rifle or shout a warning, we strike with blue beams. Four of us run forward, and split the distance between guards. And then the guards are gone, replaced by members of our team.



The Spy

“Guys,” Harrison’s voice blares through the speaker. “I’ve picked up an intruder signal. Initiating lock down.” Panels slide from grooves across the windows and doors, and the lights dim to a soft yellow glow.

Elaina runs to the wall of monitors. “Who is it, Dad?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll put it on the screen.” Harrison does something to his Slate tablet, and an outlined image of the main house, the self-defense building, and boundary fences come into view. At first there’s nothing. Then a dot appears, holds for a few seconds, and disappears. Then it appears on the opposite side of the property, pauses, and vanishes.

The Spy (1)


I split beyond a row of shrubs that line the outside border. The Slate tablet now shows my dot and another one only a few feet to my left.

My skin begins to itch. Whether it’s from threat of danger or the suspense of not knowing who this is, I’m not sure.

I search the shadows and try not to breathe.

Crack. A twig snaps.

A dark figure inches away, then disappears into nothing.


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The Captain

Leander reminds me of a swashbuckler sea captain I saw in a movie once. His long ponytail, deep tan, unbuttoned sleeveless shirt and ripped muscles make me wonder if he’s a real captain or a model for one of those trashy romance novels the girls at school hide from the teachers.


      “Hmmph,” Leander turns away, and starts winding a loose length of rope. “I don’t like being left in the dark. The Council wants me to use my ketch, no questions asked. But you’re just a kid. I’m not sure how I feel about that.” He draws a Bowie knife from his belt loop, pulls a block of chewing tobacco out of his shirt pocket, and shaves off a small piece. “So, where’re we going, chump?”


     Leander stands on the upper deck with his hands on his hips. “Ah, Daniel my friend. You didn’t tell me you there would be three lovely ladies.”

“Is he kidding me?” Cypress hisses through gritted teeth.

“Save it,” I whisper. “The more you challenge him, the worse he’ll be.” Then, to Leander, I say, “We need to store this gear.”

“Sure thing, Sport.” Leander swaggers to the staircase, descends, and stops in front of Cypress. “Welcome to the Sundown.” He tilts his head slightly and bows. “I am Leander Pan, Don of this fine ketch. And you are?”

So not interested,” Cypress responds.


Daniel Has Liftoff

daniel-sliderThe Daniel Everhart story, and the eight book planned series has led to a level of enthusiasm Renae and I find hard to contain. With the launch of Book 1 coming this spring, we felt it essential that a website be created to house all things Daniel. There’s much still to do, and some information will not be complete until launch day gets closer. Still, I hope you will take a minute to check it out for yourself. You’ll find a place to sign up for additional info through a news letter, which will follow Daniel’s journeys.We would love to have you join us. We also have a planned free gift for everyone who signs up, once I figure out how to create the download link.😁.     Rick

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For six thousand millennia, Caterrians have continually prepared for Siralam, the Aligners arrival. Through the portal entry, Caterra’s council has monitored Earth’s progress so they could speak our language, and fit in with the customs.
One guy took it to the extreme. Follow Daniel’s words as he introduces this colorful character.

—About mid-way through the first dance song, this tall blonde kid struts over and parks his behind right in front of Cypress and Brynlin. He leans toward me and holds up his hand.
“Hey Siralam, high five! Skyjo Harper’s the name, and danger’s my game. I’ll be on your team for the first alignment. For all of them, probably.”
This guy reminds me of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, except in cowboy boots and hat. He’s on my team? Really? Why in the world would the Council choose this Bozo?—

—“Whoo-ee! Skin the hair off a jackrabbit. That was awesome!” Skyjo hollers in a thick, wanna-be-Texan drawl.
“Lose the accent, will ya? You’re talking to a real Texan here, and we don’t sound like that,”
“Get used to it,” Cypress says. “Skyjo has a thing for old John Wayne movies. For a solid year, he tried to get us to call him The Duke, but we refused.”
I look at Skyjo with new understanding. “The Duke would never talk like that. If you want tutorials, speak to me later. But for now, try to scale back the Gomer Pyle, will ya?”—Final Cowboy close



Meet Brynlin, twin to Cypress. Both are Caterrian winners in the annual Natiolan Opiso competition. Their defensive skills and sheer toughness help them to rise above the other competitors, and earn the right to assist and protect the Chosen One against the forces of Moloch.

Here is Daniels description—

Brynlin is softer of face and thinner than Cypress, with amber hair darker than Elaina’s, and green eyes the shade of an oak leaf. Her hair has twisted braids in front, with silver ringlets woven in a half circle from ear to ear. She’s dressed in leather also, but hers is black black. I mean, as black as black can be. And so is her sword and matching knives. She’s beautiful and scary at the same time.Brynlin Final Drawing (1)



Fane Tantalus.

Daniel’s number one nemesis in Book 1: Guarinot. Below is a description in Daniel’s own words.

Fane’s huge. Mammoth huge. Bigger-than-a-Yukon-moose huge .His nose is slightly off kilter due to breaking it in a cafeteria fight in sixth grade. And his hair is the color of poop. He spikes it up in a way I’m sure he thinks makes him look cool and tough, but all I see is sculpted poop. His ears are too big for his head, giving him this whole Dumbo-gone-bad look. And he’s terrifying. If being a jerk were an Olympic event, Fane would be a gold medalist.Fane Finished (1)


Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra

It’s been over two years since the first words of ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra’ appeared. I had no idea the enormity of the in-depth process it takes to release a complete literary work of art.
My wife and co-author Renae Brumbaugh Green knows. She has written and published over 30 books. With her as my mentor, the Daniel series is alive. Soon, the first

novel will be released. I hope you will return often for updates.


The Illustrator


My wife Renae met Elise Church at Copperas Cove when they worked together as Educators. When the time came for us to hire an illustrator for our company, Renae assured me Elise was a great choice. I couldn’t agree more.
Over the next few blogs, I’ll present some of the illustrations from ‘Daniel Everhart and the Skylands of Caterra’. Each new chapter will begin with one of Elise’s exceptional drawings. Above, is ‘The Cave’, which opens book 1.