Unexpected Link

dog tags (2)

Dog chains and a bracelet linked together? Yes, so it seems. These priceless heirlooms cement the bond between Daniel and Elaina in a way neither could imagine. Their past linked by a force, whose rage has waited six millennia to erupt. Each step that uncovers a truth, will cement a restless resolve to find what’s been lost, and repair what’s been ripped apart. How far will the trail wind? How long will answers stay hidden? How deep will the pain burn? Who will die? Who will live?

The Light

This is Elaina. The prophecies call her Onella. She will be marked as a symbol and bear the torch in darkness. Her immortality will shield him who fights for the sisters. Her healing will save the realignment, and both will be revered forever.


The Twin’s Symbols

Earth:Caterra Medalion (2)

Deep within Djoser, Egypt’s oldest Pyramid, archeologist Harrison Rhea discovered a side chamber off the main tomb. Etched in the walls was a symbol and this prophecy;

Caterra, Earth’s sister, bound together with Aurora seven times. From seven lands to the great stone circle, a free bird rides the colors to Orion.


The Eyes See

This pivotal character is a wild card. Always on the edge. A boundary pusher, with powers and abilities to create beauty . . . or catastrophe. Read the excerpt below. Feel free to share your thoughts about its meaning.
Maybe I’ll share an insight.
Maybe I’ll keep you guessing.

Eyes Shaded (1)

I am Moloch’s daughter.

I, who knew only darkness, have seen light.

I, who knew only hate, have seen love.

I didn’t know I was lost; now I’ve been found.

I will not return.

I will not.

Or I will.

I have not decided.

I will see through new eyes.

I will learn through a new soul.

Not by contract, but by choice, I will watch . . .

I will study . . .

I will practice this new way of life.

Then, I will choose for myself.

Stay in light, or return to darkness?

Stay in love, or return to hate?

Stay found, or return to that lost place of isolation and conflict?

Which will win?

You will help me.

You will teach me.

In return, I will give shelter from Moloch.

Or maybe I won’t.

Only I can decide.

You will be my light.

Through your eyes, I will watch.



Daniel split full body copy photoOn Caterra, he is know as Siralam.
He will carry the weight of Earth and Caterra, walking the fields of both with one mind. His courage will realign the seven lands, and remove the reign of Moloch forever. Keep watch, for his coming will be painted by Aurora.